Brahim Ben Yagoub

Senior Technician

Brahim came to TP Communications in 2011 after acquiring his Business Administration degree from Université du Québec à Montréal, and his diploma in telecommunications from SAIT. A fast learner, Brahim quickly became an expert in all of the technology that TP specializes in, and his keen eye for detail, exceptional work ethic, and aptitude for problem solving have helped him to succeed as a senior technician. The most enjoyable part of Brahim’s day is being able to advocate for clients and make them happy. He will work tirelessly to find solutions to problems so that client’s can operate effectively and efficiently, and will always go the extra mile for them. 

Born and raised in Tunisia, North Africa, and fueled by a passion for travelling, Brahim is full of amazing stories, and fluent in French, English and Arabic. In his spare time, Brahim can be found spending time with his two daughters Yasmine and Lilia, playing soccer and exploring wherever he can.