Wireless Networking

TP Communications is a leader in setting up wireless networks that will help your office communicate and work more efficiently. With a wide range of wireless access point options, and dedicated technology that allows us to plan out a wireless network based on your floor plan, TP can ensure that your network is optimally set up for anything. 

To do this, TP needs to determine your requirements including but not limited to:

  • How many people will be using the network at one time?
  • What devices will be used on the network most?
  • What applications will you be using the most?
  • Will you be using it for any geolocation applications?

Wireless networks can be complicated, but with the right technology in place, you can address all of these points, and ensure everything works as it is intended. 

Our Wireless Offerings

Wireless Network Builds: 

In a wireless network build, TP will take floorplans and create a wireless map that will confirm you have 100% coverage. Once your area is ready for an installation, TP will run cables, program access points, and install them as per the diagram. The following task is often a wireless survey which you can learn more about below!

Wireless Additions:

TP is happy to provision and install additional wireless access points into your existing wireless landscape

Wireless Surveys:

Wireless surveys are an opportunity for TP to analyze what is currently in place and recommend improvements based on a specified signal strength set out before the project begins. Once the survey is completed, you receive a comprehensive document outlining gaps in coverage, areas to improve upon, and areas where coverage is effective. These surveys are often combined with Wireless Network Builds to confirm assumptions once gear is installed based on diagrams.

Provisioning and Programming Wireless:

Once your gear is installed, or if your gear is existing, TP can access the network and program it to allow for guest networks, corporate networks, specified restrictions and much more, so you can be sure your wireless network is safe, secure and optimized for your business.

Our preferred wireless networking partner is Unifi. Although we offer a range of options including SmartWifi which we offer as a Shaw partner. SmartWifi could be a great way for your business to capitalize on premium equipment, for less. Find out more through our Shaw and Unifi partner page, or book a consultation with our team!

Put the WHY in Wireless

It is important to see that a wireless network when programmed the right way, and installed properly can be an asset to your business. As the industry continues to rapidly grow with the addition of new bands of wireless (wifi 6) and IoT (Internet of Things), the more your company will begin to rely on wireless connectivity. To learn more about wireless networking and how to optimize your wireless network, book a consultation with our team!