Calgary and Area’s Network Cabling Experts

Are you looking for network cabling in Calgary or the surrounding area? Our experienced cabling team will get your project done efficiently and to building code, while simultaneously making it look clean and organized.

TP Specializes in running, terminating and testing the following types of cable:

  • Cat 5 cable
  • Cat 5e cable
  • Cat 6 cable
  • Cat6A cable
  • Single Mode Fiber 
  • Multi Mode Fiber
  • Fiber Ties
  • 25 Pair Ties
  • 50 Pair Ties
  • Speaker wire
  • Coaxial cable
  • HDMI and A/V Cable
  • Access Control Cable

The TP Communications team takes pride in all of its cabling jobs and ensures that you are proud to walk into your server room or open your data cabinet because it looks professional, organized and easy to manage.

Whether its a single cable, or hundreds, TP guarantees the following with each cable run:

  1. The cable run is direct as possible while trying our best to avoid any areas where signal interference may occur (ie. light fixtures, high voltage cable etc.)
  2. The cable run is meticulously tied back into the ceiling with minimal slack, and into a predetermined easy to access path.
  3. Your run is tested to ensure appropriate signal with minimal interference is achieved, and that the run length is sufficient to carry data efficiently through your network. Test results are provided upon request.
  4. Your run is labeled in a simple and easy to understand fashion enabling you to liven up runs as required.
  5. Faceplates are added and jacks are matched to a color code at both ends.

Why should I hardwire devices to my network?

The wired vs. wireless debate is always an important thing to think about for your business. While many offices are adopting bring your own device (BYOD) policies, and many have advanced wireless networks, there is still ample reason to connect what devices you have directly to your network infrastructure. Firstly, your connection speed over wireless depending on wireless cards and other hardware, is likely slower than what you have been guaranteed from your carrier. WIth a direct connection, you are far more likely to get the full connection speed you were guaranteed. Secondly, a direct connection increases reliability. If you are directly connected to the network, there is less of a chance of network interruption, wifi failure, and signal loss. Lastly, a direct connection can be more secure than a wireless connection. Simply put, speed, reliability and security are three reasons to directly connect what you can to your network.

How can TP help?

TP’s dedicated team of experienced technicians is ready to help you improve your infrastructure. Whether it’s starting with cleaning up the old network cable, server room and riser rooms, or simply running cables, TP is ready to serve you! 

Call us today at 403-201-3777, or access our booking page to arrange your complimentary consultation!