So you bought your new technology and nobody is using it…

If you’re the kind of business that can count on one hand how many applications you use to communicate and work on, count yourself lucky. If you aren’t you’re even more likely to experience the “80/20” rule. This is when 80% of your workforce is using roughly 20% of the functionality of a product. Luckily, this also means roughly 20% are using 80% or more of the functionality, but the question remains: How do we close the gap? 

The answer is Training

Training is an integral part of every TP installation, and even if we didn’t install it, if we know the product, we would be happy to help your team learn how to use it to its full potential.

TP Communications has expertise in the following areas:

  • Avaya Systems and Applications
  • Xima Call Centre Software
  • Ubiquiti Networking Gear
  • Polycom Phones and Headsets
  • Shaw Smartvoice
  • Nortel Legacy Phone Systems
  • Facsimile Hardware
  • And so much more!

We are always actively learning and improving our knowledge base to better serve you. Visit our partners page to find out more about them and their product suites. If you currently have services with any of our partners, simply book a free consultation to see which training regimen is right for you and your team.

Training Strategies

It is no secret that everyone learns differently, and TP Communications embraces that fact. We offer many ways for you and your staff to become experts on your technology.

We have and can continue to set up the following:

  • Guided 1 on 1 training: In person/at desk
  • Guided 1 on 1 training: Over video conference
  • In boardroom training
  • Group video conference training
  • Training by committee
  • Curriculum based training

Have an idea that isn’t listed? Get in touch today to let us know, we would be happy to facilitate training based on your specifications so that you can get on top of your technology stack!

Rapid Change Requires a Strategic Training Approach

At the rate technology is changing in today’s economic landscape, TP has witnessed a shift across all industries. The question is no longer: What is the best technology for my company today? But rather: How can we adapt to ensure the technology we are using will grow with our company?

Flexible technologies such as cloud based systems are an excellent start, and Staff Training and Development is a close second. Let TP take your company to the next level by training them on underutilized features on your new and existing technologies to help improve your business’s overall productivity and your employee’s workplace satisfaction.