Behind the Scenes of Every Successful Business

Your networking infrastructure is imperative to your communications solution. Whether it’s providing adequate internet to your office for streaming video meetings or giving wireless access to guests and clients, TP has you covered. Oftentimes, businesses will stop at getting great internet with a carrier, and not worry about how they are going to distribute it efficiently and effectively.  With a dedicated security gateway, switch and router, your business can control the flow of traffic inbound and outbound, set preferences, and improve the overall connection reliability of your network. In addition to this, selecting the right equipment is the first step in ensuring cyber security is at the forefront of your IT policies.

Where do you start?

Your business is likely in one of the following states:

  1. Just building its network from scratch
  2. Running off of antiquated equipment set up years ago.
  3. Running off of low quality equipment
  4. Running off of current equipment that your internal or external IT team recommended.

Regardless of your situation, TP is here to help. With the rise of cloud computing, voip solutions, wireless devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT) it is important that your network is running in peak form. Peak form means your router and switch configuration enable your office to function safely, efficiently and securely. 

But what about Budget? 

Budget is an important question, and similar to our other offerings, TP Communications carries a range of different solutions to ensure your business gets equipment that fits your budget, without compromising functionality. 

Our preferred networking manufacturer is Unifi. Unifi offers exceptional products with primarily enterprise grade features, for slightly higher than a consumer grade pricepoint. Learn more about Unifi on our partner page today!

Not sure where you’re at?

Your equipment could be perfect for the applications you need it for, or it could be vastly under or overperforming. With a network audit, TP will help you determine this, and create a list of recommended improvements so you know exactly where your network stands. Book a consultation today!