Video Surveillance

Why Video Surveillance?

For a long time, video surveillance was a reactive strategy that aimed at building a story around a specific incident that had already occured. With development, video surveillance has become a proactive strategy that can and should be used to protect your business and its valuable assets. 

TP Communications specializes in building you the perfect video surveillance solution that fits your budget. Working with multiple vendors we have a wide variety of low to premium range products that boast a variety of different features such as:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Advanced Machine Learning & AI
  • Motion Notifications
  • HD, 4K and 8K resolution options
  • Zoom
  • Sound capture
  • Easy to access and use interfaces
  • Plug and Play functionality
  • Unlimited Archiving & Much More!

How it works 

Our sales and engineering team is dedicated to getting you the best solution for your company’s needs. First and foremost, the team identifies a list of your most important requirements, followed by discussing your available budget for the project. Once those have been established, you are given a variety of options to choose from and demo if you wish. It really is that simple!

With our Verkada series of cameras, you are getting premium functionality with advanced AI, continuous updates and the equipment is machine learning, so the life of your solution is far longer than a traditional system. Visit our Verkada partner page or schedule a free consultation today to learn more!

Our other preferred camera vendor is Unifi/Ubiquiti. Unifi offers a wide range of cameras for different applications ranging in picture quality, size and environment. This solution is backed up by a little more on-premise hardware than the Verkada cameras, however its an exceptional product at its price point! Visit our Unifi partner page or schedule a free consultation today to learn more!

Shaw offers Smart Surveillance which is another great offer to get high quality surveillance at a manageable cost. Smart Surveillance is managed by Shaw and can be contracted over time, minimizing your capital output, and allowing you to return the products at the end of your contract. This can be an ideal surveillance solution for many businesses who are leasing their space, or want to minimize capital costs. Visit our Shaw partner page or schedule a free consultation today to learn more!

Last but not least, TP Communications works with a variety of other vendors such as HikVision, Spider and more as a very budget conscious surveillance solution. These solutions require more infrastructure on the back end than the above mentioned solutions, and do not share many of the premium features Unifi, Shaw and Verkada have, but for the right applications, the inexpensive nature of these cameras can be ideal. Schedule a free consultation to find out what is right for you!

What if we don’t know our budget?

Pretty hard to set a budget when you don’t know what your options are to begin with! The TP team is dedicated to educating you on all things video surveillance so you can understand exactly what you are looking for, and what would benefit your business the most. Once you understand your needs, we can hone in on the best pricing possible. Book a free consultation today to start the process of finding the perfect video surveillance solution for your business!