Point to Point

Is Point-to-Point for you

TP Communications continues to work with multiple businesses that are spread over multiple buildings on a single site. These buildings are often not all connected to the network via cable, and thus, to create a wireless network or use connected devices, they require some sort of connection. With a point-to-point device, your business can leverage high power antennas to shoot the signal from one building to the next as opposed to the expensive alternative of trenching a cable in from one building to the next. The diagram below illustrates how a point-to-point solution works. 

The Point-to-Point process

A point-to-point network is reliant on multiple key details:

  1. Is there a clear line of sight between both points
  2. Do you have enough bandwidth to make it worth it?
  3. What equipment needs a connection on the other side?
  4. How much distance is in-between the two points?

As you can see, point-to-point solutions are reliant on a comprehensive site visit before they can be deemed feasible or infeasible. Based on this requirement our process follows the following steps:

  1. Determine your networking needs and requirements from both sides of the connection.
  2. Gather site details and plan a site survey
  3. Visit the site and determine the physical feasibility of the connection, as well as speed requirements.
  4. Create a quote based on the feasibility assessment.

To learn more about Point-to-Point connections, or determine how well it would work for your business, book a consultation with our team, or contact the office today!