Access Control

Access Control Options for Every Business

TP Communications proudly offers a wide range of access control options so your business can rest easy knowing that regardless of budget, you are protected. 

Access control can be an easy way to:

  • Track who is coming and going
  • Passively monitor your office during off hours with simple notifications
  • Provide and remove permissions to individuals
  • Simplify the transition process for new hires and employees who move on

We help you get the best access control solution to fit your requirements

Depending on your requirements and the level of granularity you are looking for, we have a range of options to choose from including Verkada and Unifi. These products operate through the cloud, and provide you with simple single-pane-of-glass access so you can monitor your cameras and access control from anywhere without compromising your network. 

Additionally, some of our options include the ability to use the majority of your existing infrastructure such as keypads and fobs, making the transition much more seamless.

At TP, the education process will happen before we walk you through the purchasing process. Our goal is to ensure that you know you have the best solution for today, and into the future. When you book a Security and Surveillance consultation the following will take place:

  1. The initial assessment: We set up an initial meeting to discover what you are currently using, why you want something different, what features you are looking for, how you want to use the product and more!
  2. The site visit: This is an imperative step, especially if you have current access control that you are looking to upgrade. On a single door, there can be many different points of contact that have to connect back to a controller for the access control to work. That could be handicap buttons, request to exit buttons, fobs and more.
  3. The Proposal: TP builds you a personalized proposal outlining access control and camera locations, installation costs, and extra considerations.