Carrier Services

Who is the best carrier for your business?

With Shaw, Telus, Itel, Xplornet, Wiband and  so many more options available to you, it is not easy to decide what is best for your business. Your decision should never be limited, and TP Communications is here to help you find the right fit, at the right price, so that your business can operate seamlessly. Carrier decisions used to be very simple, but now with competing promotions, and each provider offering several solutions, where do you fit?

Some things you should take into consideration when deciding include:

  1. Pricing and contract details
  2. Connectivity in the area
  3. Cancellation penalties
  4. Available support
  5. Average uptime vs. downtime
  6. 3rd party support options
  7. Bundles and Promotions
  8. Development Plans & Maintenance

Keep in mind, the costs associated with your decision are not just what you are going to pay your provider, but also what you could be getting from a different one where either your services are on par, or the prices are on par.

Sounds like a lot right? TP is here to help!

The Best Carrier Analysis in Calgary and the Surrounding Area

Since opening its doors, TP has developed, and mastered the art of the carrier analysis. Our team is dedicated to taking the stress of finding a provider off of your shoulders, and working to find you the best possible fit. Our team will engage each carrier to achieve the best possible pricing, facilitate all contractual details, and report our findings back to you, so all you have to do is read and sign on the dotted line. It really is that easy!

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Let’s face it: as much as we wish we were experts of everything that we do, we aren’t. Your time is best spent in your area of expertise, it is how you became successful, and it is how you build on that success. Let our team of dedicated experts do the work and find you the best provider and deal, while you rest easy, knowing that you’re in good hands with TP Communications.