Server Room & Data Rack Organization

Why A Clean Server Room and Data Rack Matter

TP Communications has been organizing and cleaning up server rooms, data racks, and cabling since its inception in 1995. Regardless of what your solution looks like currently, TP can fix it. A congested or disorganized disorganized data rack or server room can lead to:

  • Extra labour and time trying to execute simple changes
  • Inadequate air flow to equipment causing dust buildup, overheating and equipment malfunction
  • Complicated troubleshooting scenarios when determining the cause of advanced problems
  • A steeper learning curve for new IT staff or contractors on-site

Full Service Cleanup and Optimization

Save your staff the headache and extend the life of your expensive networking hardware by hiring TP to reorganize your server rack. This service can include, but is not limited to:

  • Replacing and re-patching with ultra thin, color coded patch cords
  • Testing and labeling jacks at the server and user end
  • Removing all dust from equipment without harming it
  • Re-racking equipment to accommodate a more organized layout
  • The addition of a UPS battery backup solution to improve resiliency
  • Rack moves if required
  • The addition of small-scale ventilation, fans, and environmental sensors to ensure your room is running at an optimal temperature.
  • A free technology assessment
  • Before and after photos

The TP Communications team takes pride in all of its cabling jobs and ensures that you are proud to walk into your server room or open your data cabinet because it looks professional, organized and easy to manage. Book your consultation today!