TP Communications was established in 1995 in the basement of a home in Southwest Calgary by Tom Haley. With a commitment to quality work and unparalleled customer service, the business quickly started to succeed. Starting with just him, and eventually expanding to 7 employees, Tom was able to build the company up as a small but powerful leader in the communications and IT industry, helping numerous companies and nonprofits improve their ability to communicate and operate securely and efficiently. The team that Tom was able to build included his son Cameron, who for a number of years served as his operations manager, helping him to achieve continued success year after year. In 2017, Tom decided to take a step back to retire, and Cam jumped on the opportunity to step into the managing director role and help build TP Communications even further. Since the company changed hands, Cam has been able to maintain TP’s status as a leader in the communications industry, and put processes in place to ensure the company will continue to grow well into the future.



Is the technology your business uses helping or hurting your business?

With over 25 years specializing in solving technology problems for businesses and nonprofits, TP is the company that can help you answer this question and put solutions in place so that your business can succeed in the short and long run. Our mission is to educate and empower your business to use cutting-edge technology that will increase operational efficiency, enhance communication, boost workplace satisfaction, and most importantly, improve your customer’s overall experience. Throughout our many years in operation, we have been able to create and hone a specific process that allows us to identify gaps in your current technology stack that are causing your business to run inefficiently, and recommend new technology, or process improvements that will solve the identified problems. When your company works with TP Communications, we strive to exceed your expectations. You can expect to understand what we are talking about, and feel confident that your business is in good hands. If we find a problem, we address it, fix it, or in the event that we cannot fix it, we provide you the resources to fix it. The TP difference is seeing and understanding the technician on the other side of your problem, and knowing that we possess the tools, knowledge and experience to fix it right the first time.


Braden Haley

Account Executive

Brahim Ben Yagoub

Senior Technician

Eric Bargetzi

Senior Technician

David Moore

Cabling Manager

Matthew Marthaller

Junior Technician

Janet Wong

Accounting and Administration Coordinator

Joshua Haley

VP, Sales & Marketing

Cameron Haley

Managing Director

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