Various Innovative Features of a Cloud-Based Phone System

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It’s easy to understand why cloud phone systems are becoming so popular. With a cloud-based phone system, you get all the features of a standard phone and many more. For example, it allows for utilizing your business phone number anywhere and works seamlessly with your current business software.

These Phone systems that utilize the internet to make calls are known as cloud-based phone systems. This phone system is hosted on a provider’s server network rather than conventional private branch exchange (PBX) hardware.

A Brief Description of How It Works

Cloud-based systems are like a hybrid of a typical PBX system and a private VoIP service. You subscribe to the service, but you use your existing phone lines and your VoIP service. It is just another option for making calls other than your standard VoIP or cellular service.

Cloud-based systems offer several advantages, including increased reliability and enhanced features.

Features of a Cloud Phone System

Cloud-based phone systems offer many of the same features as traditional PBX phone systems. In addition to having several features that are just part and parcel of the cloud-based phone system, the following are additional features that cloud-based phone solutions have:

  • Call center services: Many call center solutions are available with cloud phone systems. You can have your agent log calls and have the option of recording calls and playing back the recorded message later.
  • Enhanced mobility: With a cloud system, you can manage virtually all your communications anywhere.
  • Unified communications: With unified communications, cloud-based phone systems let you manage all of your calls from one place. You can also manage your email and chat from the exact location.
  • Hosted voicemail: A cloud-based system hosts your voicemail on its servers. This means that you never have to worry about missing phone calls because you are out of the office.
  • Virtual receptionist: A virtual receptionist is software that answers your calls and routes them to the appropriate person. Depending on the system you choose, some virtual receptionist software will even take messages and forward them as email attachments.
  • Conference calls: With a cloud phone system, you can make conference calls in a snap.
  • Call forwarding: A cloud-based phone system allows you to forward your calls to virtually any destination.
  • Call logs: Cloud-based phone solutions allow you to keep track of all of your incoming and outgoing calls from a central location.
  • Voicemail: Cloud-based phone solutions provide you with voicemail features that let you access, record, and store voicemail messages securely.
  • Voicemail to email: With Voicemail to email, cloud-based phone solutions give you the ability to get your voicemail messages as an email attachment.
  • Local number portability: Cloud-based phone systems let you keep your existing number and port it to any other number.
  • Call recording: Cloud-based phone systems allow you to record your calls and play them back whenever you want.
  • Virtual extensions: You can have your phone numbers ring at multiple locations with virtual extensions. This can be helpful if you operate from more than one office.
  • Custom greetings: With a cloud-based phone system, you can have multiple custom greetings for your various phone numbers.
  • Caller ID: Just about everybody uses Caller ID these days. With a cloud-based phone system, you can have multiple numbers show up on the Caller ID of callers.
  • Enhanced call quality: Cloud-based phone systems have improved call quality and sound.
  • Mobile apps: Cloud-based phone solutions have apps that let you take your phone with you.


Cloud-based phone systems are like traditional PBX and private VoIP phone systems. What makes them different is that they are hosted on the internet.

Cloud-based phone solutions are fast becoming more popular because of their reliability, enhanced features, and affordability. If you are interested in a cloud-based phone solution, you should contact your VoIP service provider and ask them if they offer cloud-based phone systems.

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