What You Need to Consider When Choosing a VoIP Provider


When it comes to selecting a telephone system for your business, you may want to go for a VoIP phone service instead of the traditional phone lines. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and essentially allows you to make phone calls over an internet connection.

However, the decision-making does not stop there. With the numerous options available for VoIP, you’d want to really think hard about choosing the right VoIP provider. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few things you may want to consider.

Type of VoIP Network

One of the main things you need to examine when looking at different VoIP providers is the kind of VoIP network they have. For this, you would need to have a basic understanding of VoIP and how it works. In particular, you need to determine the areas that may affect call quality. 

For starters, you can ask the provider what options they offer and the reason behind their VoIP network of choice. You should also ask about their VoIP servers. In particular, ask the company where their servers are located to determine if they are near your area or not.

Customer Service

Another important aspect in choosing a VoIP provider is the quality of customer service they provide. Typically you’d want to go with a VoIP provider that offers focused customer care. This way, you won’t get frustrated in the instance that issues arise regarding their VoIP service. 

One of the things you should ask the company is whether they provide 24/7 emergency customer support or not. This is crucial since problems are unexpected and don’t really stick to the nine-to-five schedule. If you’re encountering a major problem late at night, it would be good to know that emergency support is available to help you out.

You should also ask them their average response time. After all, you wouldn’t want to wait too long before the problem gets resolved. Additionally, it’s good to ask if they outsource any customer support or have the ability to send over a technician if issues arise.

Length of Contract

For most VoIP providers, contracts are often long-term, ranging from three to five years. On one hand, this is great since there usually aren’t any upfront costs in long-term contracts. However, this can also be a risky move in case the quality of service they provide isn’t really up to your standards. So, you really need to go over everything before signing a contract with a particular VoIP provider. 

To lessen the risk and guarantee satisfaction, it’s best to only consider companies that offer demos. When you request a demo, you basically get to test out the VoIP service without making any commitments. This also allows you to verify the quality of service firsthand.

In Summary

Choosing a VoIP provider for your business is a big commitment to make, so it’s best to be sure before you sign any contracts. To help you find the right provider, it’s best to ask relevant questions, such as the kind of network they have and the customer service they provide. It’s also best to request for a demo to really get a feel of the company and experience the quality of service they provide.

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