Importance of Checklists for Server Room Maintenance


There are departments inside a company that need utmost attention, and a server room is one of them. Server rooms should be constructed to provide a secure and well-managed environment for essential IT servers and network gear. 

IT closets to computer rooms, Edge to regional, and even hybrid data centers come in a variety of sizes. Regardless of the size of the setup, there will be a core group of systems that must be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure their uptime and resilience. 

Some of these essential systems are emphasized in the sections below.

Systems of Critical Infrastructure

Apart from servers, software, storage, and IT networking devices, most businesses will run a number of essential critical infrastructure systems such as power protection, cooling electrical circuits and distribution, energy metering, environmental monitoring, fire suppression, and security.

Each of these important systems will have its own set of maintenance needs and will need to be inspected at least once a year.

Equipment Management in the Server Room

Most businesses have a specialized IT manager or team tasked with keeping track of the IT servers and applications they use on the network. 

Support for these could be outsourced to a mix of specialists in respective fields such as hardware providers, cloud hosting, and cybersecurity.

A similar technique can be used for critical infrastructure systems, but the server room or data center operator will have to deal with a complex supply chain. Working with a facilities management and systems integration business like Server Room Environments is a more practical strategy.

Inspections of General Maintenance

A server room facility’s additional significant features require regular inspection and prospective work plans, in addition to the maintenance requirements for vital infrastructure systems.

Review of Access and Space Utilization

This is an inspection to compare the layout to the design floor plan to confirm that all racks and equipment are in their proper locations, with no extensions or storage space. 

For safe preventative maintenance and to maintain proper airflow into and around server racks and hot/cold aisles, adequate access is required.

Use of the Building and Rooms

There should be a thorough examination of the general state of the flooring, ceilings, and walls as well as the presence of pests, windows, leaks or water damage, damp or heat marks, exit and entry signals, and pest infestation.

Cleanliness, dust, particles, and garbage removal are all things that need to be addressed. Dust and particles will accumulate in servers, IT devices, electronic and electrical devices, floor tiles, walls, server racks, and cooling systems. 

This requires regular cleaning and maybe a deep clean to avoid a dangerous build-up. Removing any trash from the room that could pose a fire hazard or contribute to the spread of a fire if one breaks out is also crucial.

Servers, Cables, and Connectivity for IT Networks

Make sure that servers and network devices are clean and have plenty of airflow and that there are no loose, naked connections or unlabeled wires that could cause a short-circuit, trip hazard, or inadvertent disconnection.


Visual examination is one of the most critical parts of any maintenance plan. This can help discover potential problems that aren’t picked up automatically or immediately by monitoring systems. 

The person in charge of the inspection should be properly trained, and it may be beneficial for them to be accompanied by a third-party expert who can challenge established procedures and thinking from time to time.

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