The Three Business Benefits of Video Conferencing in 2021

Woman video conferencing with a co-worker from home, taking notes.

It was not during the pandemic when video conferencing became a valuable means for business communication. Even before COVID-19 changed the work landscape, video conferencing was a helpful tool for many industries. Since most people work from home nowadays, companies adapted to the remote setup and started incorporating video conferencing into their workflow.

If video conferencing is a useful means to communicate for your company, it is worth looking into a system with built-in video conferencing features that the whole remote workforce can benefit from. If you have not maximized it in your business yet, it is now time to consider it.

At TP Communications, we have a collaboration feature that includes it as one of the main features, alongside web conferencing, remote and mobile working, and customer engagement. If your business can benefit from a phone system that has these features, get in touch with us, and you can experience the following benefits:

1. Ease of Communication

Here is the current reality: people are working away from each other. The usual face-to-face meeting is not a feasible option right now. Fortunately, the internet has helped connect people in the most efficient way possible. With video conferencing, teams can conduct meetings anytime and anywhere they might be.

Decision-making is easier with video conferencing, unlike email and instant messaging that could take a few minutes to hours before you get the response you need. The company can move forward smoothly, and the employees would have more precise directions.

2. More Valuable Discussion

Video conferencing helps employees have more fruitful discussions and better relationships.

Imagine holding a conference call for an important alignment. An audio-only conference sometimes ends up with people not paying full attention. Some people may talk to other colleagues or family members while in the meeting, and some may use social media. Because there is no video feed in the meeting, people have no sense of accountability in their actions.

Video conferencing makes meetings more valuable. Shared interaction improves the clarity of the message and helps them understand the conversation. It makes any discussion more personal and interactive. The visual engagement and audio experience allow the brain to interpret the message better while also encouraging participation.

3. Productive Collaboration

Apart from seeing other people’s faces, a video conference allows more mediums for a more productive conversation. Presenters are allowed to share decks, video files, images, and even memes to make the discussion more engaging and clearer. These visual supports help people come up with more creative ideas and better solutions to problems.

Any meeting can also be recorded, allowing easier revisiting. It can be used as a reference for current employees or a training tool for future employees. Should you need tangible results, a video conference can do a better job than other alternatives.


Communication truly is key to an effective and productive workplace. As much as it plays a vital role in people’s daily lives, it is also integral in a work setting. Proper communication enables any organization to align and achieve more as a team. The distance brought about by the pandemic hinders a lot of things. Fortunately, video conferencing has become a way to compensate for this shortcoming.

Let communications technology help your business perform better. If you need phone systems in Calgary, let TP Communications serve you. Our phone system pays for itself through the various and customizable features we offer. Contact us to get a quotation today.