A Guide to Using Voicemail to Email to Improve Your Company

Businesswoman checking her voicemail through the email client on her phone

Business owners whose primary objective is to expand their company must discover ways to make their operations better and methods more effective. When it comes to your company’s communication system, you may want to apply innovative solutions, such as a voicemail to email cloud phone system.

It’s a solution that provides a more responsive and flexible way of reaching people within your company, your loyal customers, and your prospects. How it works is you record a voicemail, save it as an audio file, and send it over to your desired email address.

From there, all the receiver has to do is download your voice file straight from their email and listen to it using a media player from their mobile phone or desktop. Voicemail to email is a unique solution that voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system providers offer to businesses in need. Keep reading below to take a closer look at how the solution works.

Understanding Voicemail to Email

Every time you send out a voicemail email, it comes with the time and date you created the message and your caller ID details. Depending on what you want, you can customize how you wish for someone to receive the recording you sent out.

Typically, the recipient will get a notification email in their inbox containing the voice message attachment as an audio file (.wav or .mp3). You will also get to keep a copy of your voicemail if you need to look back at it and listen to it again.

If you want, you can send out an email with a recording attachment, but it isn’t saved in your voicemail box, which means you can’t get a copy of it for yourself. Lastly, you can send out an email without an attached file and instead, a notification tells your receiver they have a message in their voicemail box.

Why You Should Consider Voicemail to Email for Work

Offers an Efficient Way to Check Emails

For most working professionals, their daily routine involves checking their emails several hours a day. Fortunately, there’s a way to improve the workplace—through voicemail to email. The system strives to make everything more accessible and convenient for you and your organization to read new messages.

Depending on your VoIP provider, they can grant you text message notifications every time you and your colleagues receive a new voicemail. With voicemail to email, no one has to go through the trouble of waiting to receive and send out messages anymore, thanks to the ease of using voicemail recordings.

Enhances Your Team’s Response Rate

Sending and receiving voicemail messages are faster than regular emails, giving you, your employees, and your customers a faster chance of replying to it and saving you a lot of time. The solution increases your response time and proves to your prospects that you’re easy to reach.

Besides, leaving voicemails proves your company’s professionalism and that you take your services seriously. Just remember to always be ready to respond to customers in less than fifteen minutes if possible to prevent them from waiting too long.

Provides Mobile Solutions for On-the-Go Situations

Choosing voicemail to email enhances your company’s mobility. It allows your team to send and receive messages when you always have to be somewhere else and cannot stop to sit down and read your emails one by one.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of traffic, having breakfast, or taking time off at home. With voicemail to email, you can access the recordings anytime and anywhere, whether you decide to use a smartphone, computer, or tablet, which is perfect if you’re working remotely.


Upgrading your telephone or messaging system into voicemail to email is an excellent way to send and receive messages to your customers and team. It offers an efficient way to check emails, enhances your response rate, and provides mobile solutions for on-the-go situations. Now you never have to worry about wasting time and making your customers wait!

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