How Do WiFi Boosters, Repeaters, and Extenders Work?

wifi extender

Do you have difficulties receiving a strong, consistent WiFi connection in various areas of your home? If you’re experiencing this, you can solve your problem using a WiFi repeater.

A WiFi repeater or extender is beneficial for extending the range of your WiFi network’s coverage. It works by collecting and enhancing your existing WiFi signal prior to broadcasting the boosted signal. 

Moreover, you can easily quadruple the coverage range of your WiFi network with a WiFi repeater, reaching remote corners of your house or business, various floors, or even your yard.

Read on to learn more about WiFi repeaters and where to find wireless networking in Calgary. 

What Makes A WiFi Booster, Repeater, or Extension Different?

WiFi boosters, repeaters, or extenders have the same purpose as they serve as devices that expand your WiFi coverage. However, there isn’t a clear distinction between devices labeled as “repeaters” and devices labeled as “extenders” by manufacturers that also offer fiber optic cabling in Calgary. 

On the other hand, not all WiFi extenders function similarly. There are various device types available, which you will go through in this post. In this post, discover the differences between these devices and how they function so you can select the right WiFi repeater for your needs.

How Does A WiFi Repeater Work?

A WiFi Repeater is like the wireless router you already have in your house or workplace, which has two wireless routers. One of these wireless routers picks up the current WiFi network. After that, it sends the signal to the other wireless router, which boosts it and sends it out.

What Is The Correct Method To Set Up A WiFi Repeater?

The good thing about WiFi Repeaters is they are simple to set up, especially if you’re not exactly a tech-savvy person. The crucial steps you have to do are simply connecting the power supply and setting up the repeater in a spot that can obtain your existing WiFi network. 

Next, using your computer, log into the WiFi repeater and enter the login information and password for your existing WiFi network to allow the WiFi repeater to join and extend.

Do you have a challenging scenario in your garden, such as a pool house? It’s no issue! Weatherproof WiFi repeaters may be deployed outside your home to boost the signal strength across your property. This kit is also incredibly adaptable and portable. 

For instance, if you’re RVing and the campground’s WiFi signal is poor, you may mount this repeater on your RV’s roof to improve the signal inside.

Will Your Laptop/Mobile Device Automatically Switch Networks?

The answer is only if you leave the first network’s range. A WiFi repeater complements a second network to your existing one, so your device will connect to the second network if the first is unavailable. 

However, your device may identify both networks concurrently in certain house areas. This implies that you will have to disconnect and rejoin if you go from the original network to the enhanced network.


Keep in mind that the expenses of your selection include what you will pay your provider and what you may acquire from another provider if your services or pricing are comparable. If you need help, seek a professional company that offers WiFi and cell boosting in Calgary. 

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