Why Cloud?


Putting your business on the Cloud may be the smartest business decision you could make in 2020. A Cloud solution offers: Scalability, Mobility, Resiliency, Flexibility, Efficiency and Cost Savings.

Scalability in the cloud means YOU can choose on-demand to increase or decrease the size of your solution. Paying per user means that if you hire someone new, you can always add them in, if an employee leaves, you aren’t on the hook for that user, just simply remove them.

Mobility in the cloud means you can use your solution anywhere you get reception. Want to use your laptop to answer calls and run meetings? No problem! Want to drive to the lake on a Friday but can’t leave the phone unattended? Just use the mobile app! Bring your business, where you want it.

Resiliency in the cloud means your system stays up when everything else is down. On-premises disaster recovery solutions are expensive and challenging to maintain. A per-user cloud solution eliminates the high cost and headaches, and allows your business to run under any extenuating circumstances. Imagine if three months ago the perfect cloud communications solution had your back when Covid-19 hit and your business did not miss a beat!

Efficiency and cost-reduction in the cloud means you do not have to compromise quality for price. Your solution runs on the best back-end equipment and is constantly maintained for premium performance. No more updating and buying new hardware just to keep your communications solution relevant, with the cloud, you always have the latest and greatest.

Flexibility in the cloud helps your business to adapt to changes in real time. Operate from anywhere, scale up or down as required, change out your technology when you decide its time, and most importantly, never worry about the continuity of your business during stressful times.

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