Which One Wins a Bandwidth Content: Fibre or Copper?

fibre optic cable

Should you choose fibre optic cabling or copper connectivity for your business internet? Both fibre and copper offer an abundance of bandwidth for your business, but some differences to consider. First, it’s essential to understand that demand for bandwidth increases every 18 months, which means whatever type of business internet you choose should be able to grow with your business. Here’s how fibre and copper stack up. 

Their Differences

Technology today has created a gap between copper and fibre opting cabling technologies. Fibre Internet transmits data via pulses of infrared laser light, using thin strands of pure copper called optical fibre strands that can fit on the tip of a human hair. 

  • Bandwidth: Copper cables carry electrical signals via copper wires, and although they are bulkier than fibre, these cables were the first technology to carry voice calls. The differences between these two technologies are more than just speed; there are some distance issues to consider. While fibre only loses 3 percent of the signal over distances greater than 100 meters, copper loses 94 percent of the signal after just 44 meters.
  • Interference: Fibre optic cabling does not conduct electricity, making them fully resistant to power outages, solar flares, or radio interference. On the other hand, copper cables are designed to be electrical conductors, making them vulnerable to power outages, solar flares, and deliberate signal scrambling.
  • Durability: Copper is a fragile medium for cabling. Like most metals, it can be damaged easily during installation or by accident. Despite its strength, copper cabling has low tension for tolerance, while Fibre is smaller, lighter and more durable than copper cabling. 

These differences are what make fibre optic cabling more expensive than copper ones. However, unlike copper cables, they don’t produce toxic by-products and are more secure when they burn.

Does Fibre Optic Cabling Truly Provide More Bandwidth Than Copper?

Most fibre optic cabling providers offer their clients “symmetrical bandwidth,” which means they can transmit information at the same speed in both directions. Copper wire broadband providers typically only have an option for clients to download data at high speeds.

Your business must have enough bandwidth. If not, it may suffer. Suppose your data connection doesn’t have enough bandwidth. In that case, you may struggle to use cloud applications or communicate with clients using voice-over-IP phones, web conferencing, and other forms of Unified Communications. To keep productivity and growth from being stifled, you need to expand your data connectivity to provide more bandwidth.

But you shouldn’t just look at the data provisions when considering fibre optic cabling. You should also consider price, reliability, latency, and security when deciding whether to upgrade.

The Cost

Businesses face tremendous variability in the total cost of fibre Internet due primarily to installation resources. If you are already nearby fibre resources, the installation will be much cheaper than if you are far away.

This new technology has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than copper due to much better durability and a longer lifespan. Thus, productivity increases with fibre optic cabling.

The Reliability

Reliability and available data transmissions are closely tied to the system’s quality. Fibre optic cabling results in more reliable communications due to its resistance to interference, temperature fluctuations, and moisture. A vendor that offers up-time guarantees for enterprise data transmission will ensure your business can achieve superior continuity.

Install Fibre Optic Cabling in Calgary Today

If you’re looking for options for high-bandwidth Internet connectivity, your current network is probably frustrating. A low bandwidth data connection may limit you, or your organization may have other issues such as latency, emptiness, or lack of reliability. Installing fibre optic cabling could be the right Internet service for your organization.

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