Where to Put Security Cameras in Your Place of Business

Cctv Camera in Wall

As a business owner, some of the most important priorities are safety and security. There is no shortage of people looking to make quick money. Besides burglary and robbery, there are just too many things that can go wrong inside your place of business.

A fight can break out, and where someone gets severely hurt or injured. There might be an incident where a customer or an employee causes a scene. You never know what the day might hold, so it’s best to always have security. And not just the human kind.

Security cameras are an essential part of your business’s security plan, and if it’s not there, you should change that right away. Not only can it help in deterring theft, but it can also help identify relevant people or information in other situations. Whatever the case, it will come in handy, so make sure to keep them up and running at all times.

Here are the best spots to put your security cameras:

Exits and Entrances

At your exits and entrances, make sure to position your cameras strategically and prominently. Right from the get-go, just the sight of security cameras can already discourage most petty thieves and troublemakers. Of course, you should note that it’s also essential to have a few hidden cameras just in case—for the more determined and savvy troublemakers.

It makes sense that you have cameras at all entrances and exits. You should obtain a good view of everyone that comes and goes. A trick to get a clear picture of people’s faces is by placing the camera near or on something eye-catching.

Points of Sale

It’s important to have cameras wherever there’s money. This is another simple way to deter most people from stealing. Make sure that the cameras in these areas have a clear view of the cash registers. Too low or too high might give you blind spots that can be exploited.

As a good rule of thumb, make sure that cameras are no more than seven feet high. But place it where a strategically placed back or yawn doesn’t obscure the view. This is another checkpoint that can be useful if there’s ever a need to identify particular individuals.


Depending on what type of business you own, it’s also important to place cameras on the exterior. At this point, it’s not necessarily just about protecting the store’s assets. However, there’s no denying that a lot of unsavoury things can happen outside.

Suppose your business leads to a back alley, parking lot, or something of the like. It would be helpful to have cameras situated there. It would depend on your neighbourhood and the crime rate whether you want to display the cameras or not. In some cases, it can act as a deterrent, but not always.

Secluded Spots

You should avoid blind spots in how you position your security camera. The same goes for your location. Secluded spots and rarely visited areas are excellent places for trouble to happen. Whether it’s criminals hiding or employees slacking off, this is where it’s most likely to occur if you keep it unguarded.


The key to security cameras is placement. It won’t do you any good if you have blind spots. Most people, especially those determined to do something in secret or commit crimes at your business, will be able to find that weakness and exploit it. It’s also important to consider whether to keep the cameras concealed or display them. Your understanding of the area and community will affect what you choose to do.

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