What Makes Video Conferencing Beneficial for Businesses?

workers on a video call

There have been many innovations in technology over the years, video conferencing included. It’s become part of the day-to-day of many people in the casual sense, especially with the likes of Apple’s FaceTime and other video call technology. For businesses, video conferencing over Google Meet, Zoom, and other similar platforms has become increasingly necessary as well.

As more and more people had to work from home during lockdown orders over the past two years, video conferencing saw a huge uptick. This is largely because the communication method is highly efficient in bringing together users from different places no matter where they are in the world. It’s a face-to-face meeting without any of the risks, or without having to leave your couch. Even as the world starts returning to normal with vaccines rolling out all over, video conferencing is still incredibly helpful for professional settings.

Read on to learn more about what makes video conferencing beneficial for businesses:

Communication Sees a Marked Improvement

Video conferencing makes many facets of professional life much more convenient. Freelancing, telecommunication, and working remotely all get a boost through this. Traditionally, people that aren’t in the same place geographically tend to have a rather long feedback loop. This includes the invention of e-mail, since even that can have some delays depending on the response times of each party. 

Employee retention gets a boost, too, thanks to better communication. Flexibility is highly valued by employees, which keeps them more connected and, in turn, interested.

Video Conferencing Makes Meetings Convenient

Time and money are two of the most key resources in any business, no matter what industry you’re in. In fact, when it comes to business, time is money. The quicker things get done, the more progress gets made towards the growth of the business and more profit.

In-person meetings used to take a lot of time when going to and from the venue. There’s also the time leading up to said meetings: coordination and organization. Video conferencing replaces all that with an easy, instant way to connect. “Can we get in a quick call?” isn’t just a statement to make to pull everyone in. Now, a quick call is actually something that can happen.

It Can Help Save on Costs

Actual money also goes into face-to-face meetings: gas or commute money for everyone attending, funds for refreshments and sometimes even full-on meals, even reservations of conference halls or similar venues when necessary. The costs just keep coming, and while it can be reimbursable at certain levels within a company or organization, the buck has to stop somewhere. In the end, the business will still spend quite a chunk per meeting, instead of spending practically nothing, save for a yearly subscription to a video conferencing application or software as needed.


Video conferencing has become more of a way of life for many people thanks to smartphones. However, it’s also highly beneficial for businesses. This is because video conferencing saves resources like time and money, improves communication, and helps employee retention.

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