Matthew Marthaller

Junior Technician

In 2021, a unique opportunity landed on TP Communication’s doorstep. One of our close clients, High River Academy of Learning called us to tell us about a dedicated student that was going through his IT certifications with speed and precision. Matthew interviewed with TP Communications, and within a week had accepted our offer of employment. Since, he has exceeded expectations, proving he is both a quick learner and a great fit into the TP Communications family. 
Matthew chose to pursue a career in IT to help as many people as possible navigate their ever-advancing technology. He currently holds a number of CompTIA certifications and is working to earn all of the certifications as a telecommunications technician at TP Communications. His favourite part of working in the industry is solving complex issues through troubleshooting. Though young in his IT career, the promise Matthew has already shown, and the speed in which he picks up advanced concepts will most certainly see him succeed.
Matthew was born and raised in High River with a passion and appreciation for learning, the community, and his family. When he isn’t at the office, Matthew can be found pursuing his love for the arts including languages (French and Japanese), music, and theatre. Since the age of 12, he has been actively volunteering with the local cadet squadron, and more recently was an outpatient volunteer with Alberta Health Services. In addition to all of this, Matthew likes to relax and play video and board games on the weekends when he isn’t developing his production company, Lost Road Productions.