Eric Bargetzi

Senior Technician

Starting in the communications industry in 1989, and joining TP 2009, Eric is our most experienced technician. His knowledge and experience has proven to be priceless countless times when introducing new technologies, and troubleshooting quirky and challenging issues. In addition, Eric is a fast thinker, fast learner and always willing to go the extra mile to help a customer. As many tech companies do, TP thrives off of acronyms, and specifically with Eric, for almost the entire time he has been with TP Communications the acronym everyone knows is W.W.E.D. What Would Eric Do? 

The most enjoyable part of Eric’s day is setting up and testing new technology as it passes through TP’s doors. When he is out of the office, he spends his time at his trailer in Jaffray, BC with his family, and behind his boat on a surfboard. His dedication to his work has seen him open his laptop once or twice from there to help fix unforeseen issues, which is definitely a testament to his work-ethic and dedication to our customers.