Cameron Haley

Managing Director

Cameron started in the communications industry in 1998 with TP Communications, and completed his communications electrician ticket in 2003. In 2009 he graduated with his BBA focusing in Entrepreneurship from Mount Royal University’s Bissett School of Business. Throughout this period, Cameron climbed the TP ranks as high as he could leading to him taking the company reins as the managing director in 2017. Throughout his tenure at TP, Cameron quickly gained and still maintains a reputation for being a meticulous worker, methodical thinker, and always having a calm demeanor on the job site regardless of the pressure surrounding him.

A natural leader, he is always thinking about his employees well being, and trying to stay ahead while looking at the big picture. Cameron is proud of the culture and horizontal environment he is building and maintaining at TP, and continues to strive for organic growth. To execute his and the company’s goals, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and help out where he is needed, and is always open to suggestions for improvement. The most enjoyable part of his day is analyzing and solving problems, and helping clients learn to utilize their new technology. When not in the office, Cameron enjoys spending time outdoors with Kristina, his wife, and his 4 children. He is always up for an adventure and loves hiking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking and making the most out of every day.