5 Reasons You Should Invest in Phones for Your Offices

man working on phone

While today’s world is populated by text-based communication like emails, phones are nowhere near irrelevant. Some people might think otherwise, but the fact of the matter is that nothing beats a phone ringing in the office to alert the office worker that someone urgently needs to talk to them. Of course, the phones we’re talking about now aren’t quite the same as many years ago. Many office phones now contain all sorts of features that make them highly functional and valuable in a business setting.

That being said, if you’re not yet convinced to invest in phones for your offices, here are the reasons you should:

1. Eliminate Pesky Scheduling

Constant scheduling is the bane of offices everywhere. When every worker has a cell phone, it’s easy to call them and have them come in to handle any problems that may arise. The same is true for leaving early or taking an extended lunch break. When you have phones at your offices, you can postpone any meetings or calls that would otherwise be timely to someone else’s schedule. This is much easier to manage than sending emails and getting busy signals.

2. Improve Worker Collaboration

Not only are phones great for calling out to others and making appointments, but they’re also great for office-wide conference calls and team meetings. With a conference phone, you can make all of your calls from the same device, and it can help improve collaboration with other workers and keep your workers in sync with one another, which is essential for running a business.

3. Increased Productivity

Handheld mobile phones and office phones aren’t just for taking calls. They also allow for easy and convenient use of popular apps that may help to increase worker productivity. Using tools like Google Voice and Skype, you can easily place calls, texts and chats from an office phone, which lets you stay in touch with other distant workers or help to improve sales calls in a hands-on way.

4. Ease of Communication

Between the interviews, the speech and the presentations, communication skills tend to be a stressful and difficult thing to master. However, phones make it easier to convey ideas and more easily discuss them with others. In turn, that means that new ideas and innovations can come faster and more often, which is always a plus for business.

5. Improve Work Quality

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, having phones in your office will improve the quality of work in your company. Workers who are more comfortable and familiar with the phones will be able to pick up on details like a busy signal or not being able to get through. In addition, having a local phone number is essential because it will make your workers feel more secure in their jobs, preventing them from making mistakes that could lead to conflicts and even job loss.


One of the best things about having phones in your office is that they can have so many practical uses. You can send text messages to team members, call clients or even make reservations for lunch, all from a phone in the office. In short, when you choose a phone for the office, you’ll be doing everyone a favour.
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