What Is Point-to-Point Wireless Technology?

Wireless Technology

When you have an excellent point-to-point connection, you can enjoy cost-effective yet secure wireless networking in Calgary that delivers the speed and flexibility you need for business growth.

A PTP wireless network is one of the simplest types of networks in telecommunications. With two access points bridged together, a P2P wireless network can securely transmit data between two devices. Because it’s highly reliable, a P2P wireless connection can be used to create an online network between multiple worksites, even if they’re a few miles apart. 

P2P wireless is kind of like Bluetooth, except it’s on a more extensive and a lot more sophisticated scale. Instead of two phones being connected, a P2P wireless connection bridges two secure access points with a clear line of sight. As soon as a P2P connection is established, you can begin connecting your systems and building a secure network for your business.

Innovations in P2P wireless technology have led to cost-effective, highly secure networks that you need to grow with your business. Let’s take a look at how P2P wireless technology works:

How It Works

A P2P wireless network is a point-to-point connection that uses radio signals to connect from a central system, called a base station. The base station is usually located on the roof or a pole near the business. The base station connects to a wired router system located in the back end of the building. The router system connects to the company’s local area network.

Like other networks, the P2P connection is established by using an IP address and a login name. If a secure wireless network is established, it allows an effortless and safe connection to be made to other devices on the network, such as a laptop or computer.

P2P wireless is the fastest growing network in Canada and is convenient because it is portable and reliable. With a line of sight network, you can transmit data between systems and keep them connected. With P2P technology, you can create and secure your wireless network.

What Is a Wireless Bridge?

A wireless bridge gets its name because it bridges a gap between two separate networks, using a wireless link to connect two wired networks. It can also be a wireless router, bridge, combo unit, or wireless access point.

The wireless bridge serves as a kind of gateway in your network, allowing you to transmit data between your systems wirelessly. In this way, a wireless bridge gives you the ability to create a secure wireless network without the need to buy new computers or install new wired Ethernet cables.

Benefits of P2P Wireless Networks

  • P2P wireless connection is easy to set up. It can be set up in minutes and taken down with just as much ease.
  • P2P wireless is easy to maintain. Since there are no wires, there’s no need to run around the office swapping out a bad cable or switch.
  • P2P wireless is cost-effective. Wireless bridges and access points are less expensive than wired Ethernet cables. Some models also have a built-in wireless range extender.
  • P2P wireless can be used for any office environment, from small businesses to large corporations.
  • P2P wireless has a high level of security. It uses 128-bit encryption to protect the data and calls.


P2P wireless technology is the most efficient way to stay connected and keep your business connected. It allows you to create your wireless network without the need to tear out your walls to set up wired Ethernet jacks.

With a P2P wireless connection, you not only get the benefit of cost-effective communications, but you also get the benefit of a high-speed connection that’s reliable. It’s a benefit that no longer has to be a luxury; it’s available to you starting today and, evidently, among the best office phone systems in Calgary that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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