Here’s Why You Should Get Video Surveillance for Your Business

A security surveillance camera installed on the ceilling of an office.

You can never be too sure, especially when it comes to safety and security. Because we are not awake at every hour of the day, we don’t know exactly what’s happening to our business or our shops when we’re not around. As a business owner or a manager, you must ensure the protection of your investment and the safety of your employees. 

Crime and violence usually occur at odd hours of the night. Because of their operating hours and insufficient personnel, gas stations, convenience stores, and liquor stores have become easy targets.

Thankfully, there’s a way to prevent shop thefts, customer or employee infractions, and injury claims—and it’s by installing a video surveillance system.

That said, here are the reasons you should get video surveillance for your business:

It Deters Crime

Installing video surveillance such as CCTV cameras may significantly discourage criminals from vandalizing your property or shoplifting in your store. When they see that you’re taking extra precautions to secure your business, it may deter them from committing crimes.

Another safety measure is to install a spot monitor (a camera that monitors an entire area) that shows consumers when they enter your premises. With a spot monitor, anyone who enters your store will see themselves move across your shop. Ensure your cameras cover entrances, cash registers, and all aisles of the store or eating space.

It Protects Even the outside of Your Business

Video surveillance systems should cover the outside of your business with minimal blind spots, such as the entry and exit, the parking lot, alleyways, and more. This way, you prevent criminals from accessing staff offices that hide the money.

Moreover, a back entrance video surveillance system will document daily business arrivals and departures and minimize car break-ins and vandalism while also increasing the personal safety of customers and employees when accessing and exiting their vehicles.

It Provides Excellent Evidence for Injury Claims

Fall injuries are the leading cause of liability (customer) and staff losses for Society Insurance policyholders. While the majority of customer and employee claims are valid, others are not.

A strong video surveillance system lowers the likelihood of a false claim because it allows for proper investigation and review of the site footage where the accident occurred. With the material you have, evaluation may aid in determining the cause of the incident and the course of action for a defence claim.

It May Help You Save Money on Your Insurance Premiums

The benefits of a video surveillance system in terms of safety and security outweigh any insurance savings. However, insurance firms typically look for benefits that reduce the cost or frequency of losses when evaluating risks.

A properly written safety program, the use of non-slip floors or shoes, a specialized slip and fall prevention program or a video surveillance system are examples of excellent features you can invest in. Then, insurance companies can offer your business premiums at lower rates.


Installing video surveillance is more than just for the primary purpose of safety and security. When you take such matters into your own hands, you actively protect your investment and the people involved in your business. From business partners and suppliers to family and friends, and your employees, you guarantee peace of mind for everybody!

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