Some Vital Things to Consider When Maintaining Server Racks

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Server racks are an essential part of any business or organization that relies on computers and other electronic devices to function. They provide a safe and organized way to store and protect these devices and keep them easily accessible for maintenance and repairs.

However, server racks are not indestructible and require regular care and maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Here are some vital things to consider when maintaining them.

1. Do Not Alter the Aisle Arrangement

When designing your server room, you need to set enough space between the racks to keep the air flowing. This will help keep your servers cool.

You will also want to make sure that the racks are not placed back-to-front. This will help you access the servers more easily. The thing is, when two racks are placed facing each other, this creates a cold aisle. The width of each cold aisle should be approximately four feet. On the other hand, racks placed back-to-back from hot aisles should be three feet wide.

When performing maintenance, keeping the aisle widths consistent and the racks in their original positions is important. This will ensure that the servers are able to function properly and that the area is safe.

2. Regularly Check the Metal and Screws

It’s essential to regularly check that the screws holding your server rack or cabinet together are tight. Loose screws can cause big problems, so it’s best to fix them at the first sign of trouble.

3. Regularly Check the Fans and Aircon Units

Check the server room fans regularly to make sure they’re working as intended. Cleaning the vents will help keep them clear of debris. Fans are essential to the server room; without working fans and air conditioning, the servers and racks can overheat.

That said, did you know that air conditioners work by removing heat and moisture from the air in a room? This can help prevent server racks from overheating, a problem that, when left unchecked, can damage the equipment or cause it to malfunction.

The maintenance for fans differs depending on the type of rack. Racks with solid doors usually require an external fan from the top to reduce air recirculation.

4. Make the Most of Monitoring Tools

When you have an older facility, the hardware may not be able to properly communicate with the newer racks. This can cause problems with the cooling, exhaust, power, etc. In order to avoid this, it is important to get custom server racks that have monitoring tools built in.

These tools help you keep track of your system’s performance and make sure everything is running smoothly. By keeping an eye on things like temperatures and speeds, you can avoid any potential problems and keep your system running at its best.

5. Take Note of Server Monitoring Service Logs

Reviewing your server monitoring services logs daily can help identify potential issues before they become major ones. This means that if you notice a trend happening on your server, you can set up an alert within the monitoring app. This way, if the trend continues and reaches a certain threshold, you will be alerted well enough to take the appropriate action.

6. Test Your Remote Server Management Apps

It’s essential to test your remote management apps and tools on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly. By doing this, you can avoid any surprises or problems when you need to use them in an emergency situation.


There are many factors to consider when maintaining server racks. Proper ventilation and cooling are essential to prevent overheating, which can lead to equipment damage or failure. Dust and other debris can also cause problems, so it is important to keep the racks clean.

Proper cable management can also help prevent problems with tangled or damaged cables, and regular inspections can help identify potential problems before they cause major issues. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your server racks remain in good condition and continue to function properly.

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