How Do Businesses Benefit From Applying VoIP Services?

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Aside from excellent customer service, good communication is an essential foundation for any business. Whether for customers speaking to the customer service team or the internal communication channels your employees use to relay information with each other, the technology involved in these transactions contributes to how successful a business becomes.

Although traditional phone systems were perfected by time, they are expensive and becoming more outdated every day. As a solution, most companies, even the newer ones, have turned to cloud-based phone solutions as hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It allows organizations to make phone calls at any time and place using a computer with a headset, a mobile device with a dedicated app, or a traditional desk phone connected to a VoIP service.

Future Market Insights (FMI) predicted that VoIP would have more than 204.8 billion subscribers this year, earning the industry at least $86.20 billion from worldwide sales. But how do companies benefit from the service by implementing it in their offices? Here’s how.

1. Cost-Efficient Solutions

In 2015, a tech website estimated that companies would save up to 40 percent on their local phone cost and an additional 90 percent more for international calls if they switch to a VoIP system. Although the switch may include charges for initial investments such as handsets, it’s a better choice as additional lines are only charged at a flat rate per month—a lot cheaper than traditional communication systems.

2. More Users? No Problem!

A hosted VoIP can cover the entirety of the company’s employees—in minutes. By contacting the company’s provider or logging on to an online account, companies can add more phone lines or even cancel some of them quickly. For businesses expecting a fast growth or decline in their employee database, this is an excellent option to keep up with the organization’s needs in real-time. 

3. Better Customer Experience

Companies only want the best experience for their customers. Through VoIP systems, customers can indeed experience a faster service. For example, there will be fewer hold times due to high-speed resolutions, making them feel more valued and satisfied for what they pay for. In effect, the company can get excellent customer reviews online, which are great testimonials for prospects in the future.

4. More Accessibility

The best benefit of imploring a VoIP solution in a company is that employees can use the business’ communications infrastructure wherever they may be. Through simply connecting to the internet or IP connectivity, working remotely is not a problem anymore. Companies can adapt to new work practices while still ensuring good services, productivity, and success.

5. Technological Advancement

VoIP solutions offer both small and large enterprises access to innovative communication as needed. There are various functions, including virtual assistance, auto-attendant, and video chat, which may be an asset to how companies connect with everyone.


Hosted VoIP solutions aren’t only technological trends for various industries. They are technological advancements that bring businesses to their peak of services. By upgrading to a VoIP solution, companies can improve the way they communicate, interact, and solve business problems that may come at any time. Meanwhile, it’s an excellent investment for the employees, making them more productive and collaborative at work.

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