5 Benefits That Access Control Can Bring to Your Business

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While we’ve already discussed why businesses need video surveillance in Calgary, there are more things you can do that will keep your place of business secure. One effective way to do this is through the use of access control systems. While they may seem overly simplistic, access control systems are actually incredibly useful.

With that being said, we can’t blame you for being hesitant about investing in these systems. If you’re still on the fence about having them installed, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are the five most important benefits that access control can bring to your business.

Limits Entry to Authorized Personnel

Security is of the utmost importance. This is especially true if your business deals with sensitive information. Considering how vulnerable offices usually are when they don’t utilize access control systems, this sensitive information can be put at risk. By adding access credentials to specific buildings or areas, you are effectively protecting the interests of your business and clients. If you want to make your business even more secure, you can opt to use biometric access control solutions so that employees won’t be able to share their credentials with other people.

Allows for Contactless Entry

Manually managing who enters and exits your place of work can be quite taxing. By adding access control systems, you can streamline this and even allow for contactless entry. This can come in handy in situations wherein you have to give individuals temporary access to your palace of work. While this may seem like a minute change, the added convenience will save you a lot of time and effort that’s better allocated elsewhere.

Creates Historical Activity Logs

Access control systems also allow you to create historical activity logs. This lets you track every individual that enters your base of operations. Activity logs are invaluable when it comes to security, as they allow you to manage problems more effectively. If merchandise or equipment is ever stolen, it’ll be a breeze to identify possible culprits as all the relevant information will be on the log.

Boosts Convenience for Employees

As an employer, you want to make work as convenient and pleasant as possible. Adding access control systems makes it a breeze for your employees as they won’t have to carry physical keys or cards just to enter the workplace. You can make things even more convenient for them if you utilize biometrics, your employees won’t even need to memorize PINs or codes.

Makes Rekeying Unnecessary

Having to re-key whenever there are personnel changes is a waste of time and resources. By utilizing access control solutions, you essentially make rekeying unnecessary, as all you’ll need to do is to revoke the access of the former employees. Removing physical keys also makes your business more secure as it eliminates the risk of former employees sneaking in with duplicate keys.


As you can see, access control can completely transform your workplace. Indeed, the slew of different benefits essentially optimize your workplace and make everything infinitely more secure. While these systems will require you to invest your resources into them, the good that they bring to your business completely offsets the costs attached to them.

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