5 Reasons Why Upgrading to Wireless Networking Is Worth It


Every minute counts in your business, and having a wireless network infrastructure can be a powerful tool that could be the key to your rapid success. In fact, wireless networking in Calgary is so convenient that it just wouldn’t make any sense to go back to a purely wired infrastructure. If you think you’re ready to switch to wireless networking, but you still have reservations about it, the following benefits should help convince you that going wireless is the right choice for your company.

1. Easy and Cheap to Install

Let’s face it, nobody wants to see a whole mess of wires in an office. It stands out too much and doesn’t blend well with the environment. The good thing is, when you switch to wireless, it doesn’t require a lot of cabling, and it’s incredibly cheap and easy to install compared to wired networks. This can really benefit your business, especially if you are in a rental building that doesn’t have any cabling laid out. Basically, you don’t have to go through extensive remodelling to install wireless network infrastructure.

2. Wireless Networks Offer Flexibility

Wireless networks eliminate the need for your employees to sit at dedicated computers in the office to be able to network. They can practically work from anywhere as long as they have access to the network and within its range. This is particularly suitable for organizations that use network resources like server files, documents, emails, and other business resources. This level of flexibility is hard to achieve when you’re using a wired infrastructure.

3. Access to Wireless Networking Tools

When you upgrade to a wireless network, you also benefit from a lot of networking tools such as remote management, load management, and server and network management. All these solutions can come in handy at any time and can help reduce maintenance issues since your wireless network provider can easily manage and reconfigure server loads remotely. This is one of the many things that make investing in wireless networking in Calgary worth it, as it helps minimize the time your IT team spends in maintaining your network and infrastructure.

4. Increased Efficiency

What makes a network more valuable is making sure employees have access to it at all times. This allows them to share updates and files in real-time, which helps to improve efficiency. When talking about efficiency, it’s not just about the speed and accessibility of transferring files. It’s also important to note that an efficient network allows you to remotely check inventory levels, look up pricing, and make other sales decisions.

5. Wider Reach of the Network

It’s not easy building a wired network infrastructure that could reach every corner of your business, especially if you are situated in a huge compound or an office space that spans multiple floors. But when you’re working with a wireless network supporting your business, you have a wider reach than you could ever imagine with a wired connection. Wireless networks can be extended to places in your organizations that are previously not accessible with your outdated wires and cables.


A flexible and accessible wireless network is crucial if you want your business to succeed. It can significantly increase your productivity and prevent you from halting your business operations because of faulty cables or lack of access points.

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