4 Mistakes Your Network Cable Services Provider Might Make

Man wearing high-visibility vest and hard hat installing networking cable in a commercial building.

We often hear buzzwords like wireless networking systems introduced in today’s news. But in reality, not many people know what these words mean and how these wireless connections help them in their daily lives.

Wireless networks are merely tools that aid in communicating between computers or various gadgets and devices. Because of how crucial these systems are to our modern lives, many companies invest in this technology in the hopes of smoothing out their corporate and fieldwork operations.

However, before you sign in, you must ensure that your network cable provider is capable and efficient. To help guide you with the right network service provider, here are four mistakes to watch out for from your network cable service provider:

1. Failing to Prioritize Neatness and Organization

A confusing line of cables shoved in during installation may confuse the next technician who might look after your telephone system after installation. Keep in mind that during maintenance, you would need various technicians to look after your system regularly. As such, confusion might cause more complications and human error, which wastes both time and money for the business.

This is also a good benchmark to see whether the contractor is doing their job properly or is careless about their job. Taking shortcuts is a big no, especially in communication systems that are vital to any business organization.

2. Not Having a Detailed Plan

Experienced cable technicians have years of experience setting up cables. They even know the job well from the back of their hand. However, experience alone is not enough, especially if they cannot communicate these experiences with you. A detailed plan shows:

  • A concrete timeline of completion.
  • How the technicians will solve the challenges and unforeseen circumstances while on the job.
  • Concrete guidelines that must be followed by all parties involved. Everyone working on the infrastructure must be aware of the specific guidelines set by the client, as an oversight may cause a burden to the network cabling team. Signing a contract agreement is the best way to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

3. Not Looking at the Future

Indeed, no one can truly determine what the future has in store for businesses. But with years of experience, there should be at least “educated guesses” based on years of expert knowledge on possible technological developments and business growth.

However, would forecasting deter any unforeseen incidents and ensure a 100% problem-free network cable installation? Not really, but this will make problems easier to solve with little to no aggression.

4. Lacking Proper Forms of Communication

Every provider you hire wishes to be the last provider you would ever be in contact with. They will impress you with years of experience as a business phone systems installer and drive their exceptional client experience so hard that you would never wish to look elsewhere.

But, as you should know, switching providers are common, for one reason or another. Companies have budgets to work on and needs to be met. As such, the service logbook for tasks performed must be kept in a safe and secured place, in case another provider comes in and they would need the history of the services performed.


Network cable services are crucial, and many mistakes can be made even by professionals. If you are looking for an expert in data cabling and wireless networking in Calgary, just be sure to take note of the mistakes made above and avoid providers like them!

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