4 Common Myths You Might Believe About Fiber Optic Cables

Blue fiber optic cables with an ethernet cable

In order to have an internet connection that’s as reliable as it is speedy, fiber optic cables should be in your sights. The market for it has been rising steadily over the years, with network cabling in Calgary adapting it more and more. Despite this popularity and the fiber optics market being in the billions with a huge growth rate in the last five years, many are still hesitant to take it on. This is particularly true for a number of businesses who are generally taken in by many false myths.

What are common myths that pertain to fiber optic cables? Let’s discuss and debunk a few so that you see how fiber optic cables are more attainable than you’d think!

MYTH #1: Fiber optic cables are unattainably expensive.

TRUTH: The popularity of fiber optic cables is such that they’ve become the norm. Their priciness was only during the initial stage, because at the time, they were indeed more expensive. However, with the advancement of technology and passing of time, there’s been a deliberate move to align more with the budgets of commercial establishments and businesses.

The price actually comes with long-term benefits; there’s less cost in running fiber optic cables since they run on light rather than electricity. Moreover, maintenance and testing is easy. For a building, fiber optic cables are far more cost-efficient than copper.

MYTH #2: There’s no bending fiber optic cables.

TRUTH: Sensitivity does not mean there is no room for movement. Technology has advanced enough that these cables are now manufactured in such a way that they are flexible. This is thanks to the likes of insensitive fibers and multi-node fibers, which heightens the overall durability of the cables. This means that, yes, it’s alright to bend fiber optic cables.

MYTH #3: Fiber optic cables are a fire hazard!

TRUTH: Fiber optic cables are actually at little-to-no risk of fire. This is because transmitting data is done through light instead of electricity. This means nearby equipment also doesn’t run any interference and vice-versa.

MYTH #4: Fiber optic cables aren’t built to last.

TRUTH: This comes from what may seem like a logical thought process: there’s glass in fiber optic cables. Since glass is fragile, then fiber optic cables must be fragile in turn, right? Wrong. This is because the strands of glass found in fiber optic cables are actually quite thin: even more so than a single hair strand! When you combine hundreds upon hundreds of them, then there’s a highly durable cable at hand. It’s actually great at withstanding no matter what weather conditions are ongoing. It’s also far more durable than copper.


Network cable installation in Calgary has a number of possibilities. One of the best routes to take is fiber optic cabling, which has unfortunately gotten a lot of untrue misconceptions surrounding it. Some myths include fiber optic cables not being able to get bent, fiber optic cables not being durable at all, and fiber optic cables being very expensive. In truth, they’re very flexible, quite durable, and have become rather affordable and within business’ budgets.

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